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Liu Fenghua
No. 12, Shentian 3rd Road, Youzha Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan
corporate culture

    Corporate mission: develop global high-end ultramarine pigments and establish a high-end brand created in China

    Corporate core values: continue to create maximum value for employees, the company, and society

    Business purpose: good raw materials, good pigments, specializing in ultramarine

    Enterprise spirit: integrity, positive, unity, innovation, harmony

    Service tenet: quality first, customer first

    Work attitude: ride in the same boat, go to the same place

    Work style: serious, effective, honest

    Team spirit: there is no personal sacrifice, how can there be team achievements

    Learning spirit: learn job knowledge and challenge higher standards

    Income concept: for people, for ourselves, create value for society, and achieve the future.

    Talent concept: the development of talents is the development of enterprises